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Saturday, October 6, 2012

♠ Will the Falcons Make it 5-0? ♠

The Falcons are in sync right now coming off a comeback win against the Panthers. The travel to FedExField to face the Redskins and the rookie QB RGIII. The Falcons defense will have to account for Griffin's speed and ability to run. He can also able to complete long passes if given the oppurtunity. The Falcons have defended the pass very good so far this season. I believe they will use some of their experience against Cam newton to stop the quarterbacks run for minimal gain. Matt Ryan shocked the league with an amazing comeback last week. He is moving the offense and putting up points. Roddy White had an amazing 59-yard catch last game. The Redskins have injuried CBs and the Falcons will have to take advantage of that. The run game will also be needed to help put pressure of the line. The Redskins are looking to stop the Falcons short of 5-0. The Falcons in my opinion have a good chance of winning. Lets see who wins?

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