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Thursday, October 11, 2012

♠ Falcons Looking At 6-0 ♠

The Falcons are looking to stay undefeated against the Raiders. The Falcons shouldn't take the Raiders for granted. They have struggled against teams that they were expected to run over.  The Raiders are getting healthy at the receiver position. The Falcon's corners are going to have to stay sharp.  The Raider's struggling defense will have trouble with the Falcon's weapons on offense. The Falcons are looking at a bye week after Sunday. They have been off their last few games. They usually score on their opening drive, but have been going 3 and out instead. The Falcons have been working on their game and dismissing their record. Thats good they are still playing good ball and staying focus. They still have one question in everyone's mind. Can the Falcons win a playoff game? We will just wait to see after the regular season.

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