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Thursday, November 29, 2012

♠ Fan Madness ♠

I feel the fans of Atlanta shouldn't of egged the Saints bus as they arrived.  That's not good sportsmanship at all in my eyes its childish and stupid.  The Saints actually helped the Falcons find flaws on offense and defense in their first match up.  I didn't like that the Falcons didn't when, but I'm not going to take it out on Saint players who won a hard fought game.  The match ups between the Falcons and Saints always go down to the wire.  You can't expect a team to be perfect when there are mistakes needing to be corrected. I am a Falcon Fan and my brother is a Saint Fan, but I don't get mad at him cause they won. Fans should show teams more respect than they did then.

♠ Falcons VS Saints Rematch ♠

The Falcons have been winning close games recently.  Their sole loss came from the Saints earlier this season.  They were without Sean Weatherspoon on defense, but the game still went down to the wire.  Weatherspoon is back how much of an impact will he make tonight on defense.  The Falcons still are looking to find their running game which has been absent this season.  The last match up between the two teams ended up being a game for the tight ends. This time should be different at home where the Falcons are unbeaten this season.  The Falcons will have to put pressure on Drew Brees and not make costly mistakes on offense. We will if the Falcons send the Saints home with a L tonight.

Friday, November 9, 2012

♠ Falcons VS Saints ♠

The Falcons are playing the Saints Sunday. This game will be better than most are thinking that it will be. The Saints have one of defenses in the league, but the Falcons have struggled with defenses like this the first half. The Saints offense is still one of the best thanks to Drew Brees.  The Falcons defense will have to be able to shut Brees down in this game to win.  The Falcons have to score at every opportunity. This is a NFC South Conference game. The Falcons are ahead in first of the division. Both teams are coming of a win. Everytime these teams play each other its always a good game. The Falcons will still be with out linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. We will see can the Falcons travel and beat the Saints at home come sunday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

♠ Falcons 8-0 After Beating Cowboys ♠

The Falcons are 8-0 following a victory over the Cowboys. The defense played very good without injured linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. They believe he will be back to practice sometime later this week.  The Cowboys defense were holding the Falcons to feild goals and punts. Tony Romo was making good plays on one of the best defenses. The Falcons weren't looking like an undefeated team during the first half.  They showed that they can come back and win after half time starting with a big play by runningback Michael Turner. Julio and Roddy both had over 100 yards recieveing. The running game didn't really get going until the third quarter. All in all, a win is a win, but the Falcons will have to be prepared for a battle next week against the Saints.