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Friday, October 26, 2012

♠ Can The Falcons Leave With A Win Sunday? ♠

The Falcons have a tough rode game against the Eagles this Sunday.  They are going to have to put in a lot of work and effort to come out with a win.  Vick is not to be underestimated even with all his turnovers.  The Eagles defense is under a new defensive coordinator and he is good at his job.  The Falcons haven't played their best ball all season.  They haven't been able to convert on much need conversions, but still continue to win. There is no guarantee that the Falcons can make mistakes and it not cost them the game.  The Falcons defense has been playing horrible against the run. That needs to change come Sunday Vick and McCoy are very dangerous when the get that open room.  The corners are going to have to cover some good receivers the Eagles have. The Falcons offense will also have to protect Matt Ryan against the Eagles pass rush. They will also have to get their run game going to open up opportunities for big plays. I believe the Falcons have what it takes to come out with a W and improve to 7-0. The game will be a test that the Falcons have to past. We will see the results Sunday.

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