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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

♠ Game Of The Week: Falcons VS Cowboys ♠

The Falcons and Cowboys are the game of the week. The Falcons are coming off a great win against the Eagles, while the Cowboys are coming off a close loss to the Giants. The Falcons look to have solve their problem against the run on defense. Drew Davis caught his first career touchdown. The Falcons continue to rolling this season. They shouldn't look past Tony Romo and the Cowboys.  The Cowboys are needing a win.  Matt Ryan is coming off a good game,but can he deal with the Cowboys defense. The Cowboys will have trouble with the Falcons run and pass defense. The Falcons still haven't played their best football yet. I believe they won't find themselves truly ready until the play the Giants. We will see how this game goes sunday. I believe the Falcons have what it takes to go win this and come January win a playoff game.

Friday, October 26, 2012

♠ Can The Falcons Leave With A Win Sunday? ♠

The Falcons have a tough rode game against the Eagles this Sunday.  They are going to have to put in a lot of work and effort to come out with a win.  Vick is not to be underestimated even with all his turnovers.  The Eagles defense is under a new defensive coordinator and he is good at his job.  The Falcons haven't played their best ball all season.  They haven't been able to convert on much need conversions, but still continue to win. There is no guarantee that the Falcons can make mistakes and it not cost them the game.  The Falcons defense has been playing horrible against the run. That needs to change come Sunday Vick and McCoy are very dangerous when the get that open room.  The corners are going to have to cover some good receivers the Eagles have. The Falcons offense will also have to protect Matt Ryan against the Eagles pass rush. They will also have to get their run game going to open up opportunities for big plays. I believe the Falcons have what it takes to come out with a W and improve to 7-0. The game will be a test that the Falcons have to past. We will see the results Sunday.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

♠ Falcons Have A Challenge ♠

The Falcons are currently on a bye week after their franchise record 6-0 start.  They are resting and watching film to see what they need to correct. They travel to Lincoln Financial Field to face Michael Vick and the Eagles in week 8. The Eagles are also on a bye week this week. The Falcons should work on their run defense after giving up big running plays in the last 2 games.  The have to keep Vick contained and not running for first downs. They also have to not give up big yards on running plays. The also have to take into consideration of the Eagle's offensive weapons DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Brent Celek.  The Eagles have to find something on defense if they want to stop the Falcons "pick your poison" offense. Hopefully, the Falcons come off this bye week and win a game against one of the best teams they have played all season. We will see what the Falcons have going during practice Monday.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

♠ Falcons Looking At 6-0 ♠

The Falcons are looking to stay undefeated against the Raiders. The Falcons shouldn't take the Raiders for granted. They have struggled against teams that they were expected to run over.  The Raiders are getting healthy at the receiver position. The Falcon's corners are going to have to stay sharp.  The Raider's struggling defense will have trouble with the Falcon's weapons on offense. The Falcons are looking at a bye week after Sunday. They have been off their last few games. They usually score on their opening drive, but have been going 3 and out instead. The Falcons have been working on their game and dismissing their record. Thats good they are still playing good ball and staying focus. They still have one question in everyone's mind. Can the Falcons win a playoff game? We will just wait to see after the regular season.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

♠ Falcons Make It 5-0 ♠

The Falcons become 5-0 the first time and franchise history.  They had tough contest against a team that was expected not to put up a fight. The Falcons have their second straight comeback win. RGIII was given a mild concussion by Weatherspoon.  Cousins the back up came in and threw for 1 TD and 2 INTs.  Tony Gonzalez should reconsider retiring the way he played today. He had over a 100 yards receiving on the day.  Matt Ryan got into in groove after halftime. The Falcons went to defeat the Redskins 24 to 17. The Falcons play the Raiders next week.

♠ Falcons and Redskins Tied 7-7 at halftime ♠

This game has not been what people were expecting it to be at all. The Redskins defense has held the Falcons so far. Alford Morris has been running over the Falcons first half. They will have to contain him and Griffin who hasn't carried the ball yet. The Falcons D has done a good job to not let the Redskins score on offense. Lets see can the maintain the pressure after halftime. I expect the Falcons to come out of halftime ready to play. The Redskins recieve the ball after halftime. Lets see how the game plays out

Saturday, October 6, 2012

♠ Will the Falcons Make it 5-0? ♠

The Falcons are in sync right now coming off a comeback win against the Panthers. The travel to FedExField to face the Redskins and the rookie QB RGIII. The Falcons defense will have to account for Griffin's speed and ability to run. He can also able to complete long passes if given the oppurtunity. The Falcons have defended the pass very good so far this season. I believe they will use some of their experience against Cam newton to stop the quarterbacks run for minimal gain. Matt Ryan shocked the league with an amazing comeback last week. He is moving the offense and putting up points. Roddy White had an amazing 59-yard catch last game. The Redskins have injuried CBs and the Falcons will have to take advantage of that. The run game will also be needed to help put pressure of the line. The Redskins are looking to stop the Falcons short of 5-0. The Falcons in my opinion have a good chance of winning. Lets see who wins?