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Sunday, September 30, 2012

♠ Falcons Make An Amazing Comeback Win ♠

The Falcons Improve to 4-0 after an amazing comeback drive from the 1 yard line. The drive started with a stunning 59 yard pass to Roddy White. Plays later it was capped off by a 40 yard field goal by Matt Bryant. The fumble by Cam and the delay of game lead to a punt that was recovered at the 1 yard line. The falcons got within field goal range and put it in their kickers hand with 10 second left in play. The Falcons won the game 30 - 28 late in the fourth quarter extending their streak to 5-0 against Carolina. Threre were mistakes in the game that the falcons will have to work on for the remath againt the Panthers December 9th. They travel to play the rookie RGIII next week. Today's game was a showing that the Falcons have what it takes to go to the playoffs and win a game. They win a game and next they are on the road to the superbowl.

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